October 27, 2007

Mark loves the big U of Texas drum

Mark and Mom went to the football game today to see the University of Texas play Nebraska and the weather was great unlike the last time we went (read about it below). The game was exciting and the score was close., but our team came from behind and won 28-26. Before the game, Mark was feeling tired and begged Mom to get someone else to go with her, but he finally gave in and went. He had a great time teaching Mom the fine points of football and quizzing her on football. In addition, Mark fell in love with a young lady who sat behind us. She was a beautiful little toddler. He also had his picture taken with some other pretty young

Mark cut his finger on the railing going down the steps at the stadium. It was a deep cut and it bled all over. He ended up having the EMTs treat it. Thanks Tom Riley and Zach Bevis for taking care of Mark's injury.
After the game there was a party at Jerry and Christine's house. They are the friends who are directing and producing the film that all of us had a part in. Mark was too tired to go to the party, but Mom went and friend Barry took Pinetop Perkins, the blues man who is in his 90's and who played with the Muddy Waters Band in the past. After Jerry's party Mark and Mom went home, but Pinetop and Barry were headed for another party and then downtown to a place where Pinetop sometimes plays and sings. Maybe when Mark and I get to be over 90 we can stay up later.
Addendum on Sunday October 28th. Yesterday's activities wore Mark out. When I got up at 7, Mark was standing up asleep leaned over the kitchen counter and said he must have been there about 3 hours. He is now asleep on the sofa; he was too exhausted to walk to bed.
On the 2nd of November Mark headed out Bangkok on his air miles and will stay awhile on the beach and will be perfecting his meditation. Mom and James left the airport shortly after Mark and headed out for Washington DC to meet Mark's sister, Stephanie. Stephanie got her trip to DC for being a teacher of the year...so we are all over the world for very little money as Mark is on air miles and Steph traveling compliments of her school district and we are on a Northwest coupon reduced fare.
November 3 We are praying Mark made it to Bangkok alright. We are now in Washington DC but we have no idea if Mark made it to Bangkok or not. It is sarey to us to send him off knowing that he vascilates from looking healthier than the rest of us to looking and being very sick. We will post the news when we learn that he arrived in Thailand ok.
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Check this link for information about some research involving bubbles carrying drugs to fight cancer in mice

October 16, 2007

October 18: Mark is home. Came in last night and looked good after his trip. He said that when he got off the plane in Austin it was the first time he had been warm in a week. He reported that he and Allen went to over twenty state parks in California. They also went over Donner Pass and saw a lot of snow.
Cancer Treatment Update: Amazing story about some woman cured of bile duct and liver cancer by a surgeon. Sounds too good to be true but maybe it is true. Check out the video at this link http://www.curedoflivercancer.com/ Mom also read about some liver cancer research which her fuzzy mind recalls was at the University of Utah. It involved sending bubbles of medicine though the body to the cancer site and popping the bubbles with radiation. That is a simplistic explanation. We've learned a lot about cancer treatment since these adventures began; just a couple years ago Cyberknife surgery was new to us and recently we saw an advertisement for it on a DC metro train.
Picture of Mark's sister, Stephanie, while we wait for Mark's pictures of the Elk in Sinkyone Wilderness (some people would probably rather see Stephanie and some would rather see the Elk so where are those Elk pictures, Mark?)
Stephanie is in England working in her new job with plans to move into her house there soon- she's looking forward to enjoying life in the village she has decided to move to. The photo is in honor of her selection as Japan District Teacher of the Year, and she'll be in Washington DC on November 2 for conferences. and so will Mom. Mark, James and Mom head for the airport very early on the 2nd. Mark goes out for Bangkok
Today is the day Mark and Stephanie's dad died 18 years ago; in honor, we'd ask that you tell someone today that you love them.

Continued Tales of Mark's Adventures with pictures to come

Mark called last night at midnight to report he is doing fine on his trip with friend Alan and Allan's dog, Bully. Continuing from the trip log below, the expedition stayed a night in the town of Fort Bragg planing to go out tuna fishing. there were not enough people interested in tuna fishing so the trip was cancelled. It was too cold to go diving for abalone. The fellows headed on for the Sinkyone Wilderness Area and camped out. Mark said Elk were everywhere and he took lots of pictures. Next they went through Mendacino and camped south of there. Monday (yesterday) was Alan's birthday so they left the motorhome quarters and stayed in a condo in the middle of wine country. Mark was tired so Alan had his birthday supper by himself and let Mark sleep, but as Mark says it was ok since they have been celebrating Alan's birthday all week. Today the guys will be in Bodega Bay and will cruise on back, stay at a casino hotel one night and Mark will fly back home on Wednesday to rest and plan the next adventure .
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October 12, 2007

Link to the greatest lecture by the professor given three months to live? Scan down two more blogs.

Survive Cancer Your Way: Mine Suits Me Just Fine -
Ruth Penneybaker wrote this article which appeared in the Austin American Statesman Oct. 14, 07 Section G Insight page 3) Ruth describes the strong opinions people had about how she should handle herself and how she should fight cancer and even about being stalked by someone who thought she was "not perky enough to fight cancer. " Eventually she could say: "You know what, I no longer give a damn what they say." Another quote: No mater what 'they say', It's your disease, your life, your choice.

In contrast to the American tendency to offer opinions, advice, and what may seem like criticism about the way one is handling cancer treatment and life with cancer, Mark found when he was in Thailand for two years for cancer treatment, the Thai people were very gentle and respectful in what they said and did. Most of the time they seem to assume you know what is best for you.

Mark is right now in a motor home with friend Allen and a dog touring California.

What would you do if you had terminal cancer and had outlived your prognosis of three months to live by two and a half years, and were awake most of the night with severe pain and certain you would die before the morning?

Some of us might take a lot more pain medication, sleep night and day to blank out as much of the pain as possible, seek medical attention and stay in bed preparing to die. Not our Mark. After reassurance from Mom that he would not die before morning and the minimal effective pain management, he got some sleep and prepared for a flight to Reno, Nevada. Mom dropped him off at the Austin, Texas airport at 7 am for his 7:55 flight. Yes he was cutting it close but he made his flight.

Last night Mark called to report that he had lunch in Reno then went to Portolo California where he and Allen cleaned Alan's motor home, gassed it up, aired the tires, loaded up Allen's dog and hit the road through the American Valley in the middle of California, going by the Feather River and the smallest mountain range in the world (Sutter Butte) headed to Clear Lake where they will camp for the night and get in some fishing tomorrow and be in the Red Woods. Their eventual goal is a part of the California Coast and a state park that Mark has fond memories of and wants to see again. Mark sounded so happy on the phone. He is e-mailing pictures for the blog soon.

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October 05, 2007

For the Greatest Lecture ever given. Last lecture of a Prof. given 3 months to live - scroll down.

Picture on right: Mark and Mom on football day
University of Texas vs Kansas State

Update on Mark - On Sat. (9-29) Mark and Mom were given tickets to the University of Texas football game by generous neighbors, Laurie and Ben and what a time we had. It was great fun, but a test of our survival skills. The sun was very hot, then it rained at half time and soaked us. There were long lines for food and drink. In the second half the sun came out, then our team lost, and we got soaked by heavy rain on the way to the car.We had fun reminiscing about our lives when we lived close to the University and were students. A famous band called the Butt Hole Surfers practiced in a house across the street. Some of the neighbors looked like they were out of the film "Slackers" which is a film about hippies and other characters in Austin in the '90s and others were characters in their own right.
We paid ten dollars to the Rotary Club (and glad to do it) to park during the game just a half a block from where we used to live .

Our seats were wonderful, They had backs and were 10 rows up from the playing field. The cost of tickets has escalated incredibly and the crowd has changed since the 1980's when Mark, his sister Stephanie and Mom were all students in college at the same time ( Mark and Mom graduated in Dec. 85 and Steph in Spring of 86) . We lived close to the football stadium and every student could afford to go to the game and could get tickets. Poor people could go to the grocery store and get an end zone ticket for $6. Not anymore. Sports is big business. Our newspaper is full of information on how much money football at UT brings in, what they spend it on, and how unlike some other big schools, so far UT has not contributed any of it to the education side of the university.

Mark has been in bed resting through the nights and much of the day since we returned from the football game. Mom has not had to stay up at night in philosophical discussions with Mark this week. Yesterday (Thurs) he said: I am better now and on the right path. His thinking is positive and he is watching what he eats and drinks and does. Maybe football helped him get on the right path?