February 15, 2010

After 4 days of Marti Gras Mark's Mom Headed to Thailand
I just spent four days in small towns in Louisiana with Mark's step-father James. We experienced the customs and festivals around Mardi Gras beginning with supper at DI's on the Evangeline Highway near Basille, La. DI's had Cajun music and the people in costume dancing and begging for food and money. For information on DI's and some Cajun music go to http://www.discajunrestaurant.biz/music.htm
We went to the Savoy Music Store for the jam session by people from all over who came with their music instruments. We went to Jennings for the Squeezebox Shootout which is an accordian contest.
For more about Louisiana customs of Mardi Gras go to http://www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/Festiva1/en/lsm/page4.html

In the morning I head to Thailand to spend time with Mark and see how he is doing.
Stay tuned for more information and pictures

February 05, 2010

Mark is Close to his 5 year Anniversary After Being Told He had Three Months or Less to Live
Around Valentine's Day 2005,I listened to the messages on the phone answering machine. Mark's voice came on "Mom, I'm in a bit of trouble" Lots of possibilities swirled in my mind as I called Mark back and learned that his bit of trouble was a huge doughnut shaped tumor in his esophagus at the gastric juncture with several tumors in his liver.
He was given a bottle of liquid morphine and told to get his affairs in order. Not one to give up easily, a major battle with cancer followed. Mark, his sister, and I are thankful every day for all the care Dr.s Theera Umsawadi and Sunantha Srisiebut Playsongsang at Bumrumgrad Hospital in Bangkok gave Mark and for all the support of family, friends, and strangers and later his VA doctors and nurses.

There is every reason to celebrate this 5 year anniversary, but weighing heavily on Mark's mind is the possibility his cancer could come back and not feeling as well as he would like and not having as much energy as he would like. He perked up this week and is cooking tacos and is closer to his positive and cheerful self. Perhaps he is perked up because he began helping our friend Jerry Barrett to make a movie in Thailand. Not to be left out, I am headed to Thailand next week to assist in casting or production or whatever is needed. This is the third movie Mark has been in since his diagnosis.
Check in periodically to learn more about this movie and to keep up with Mark's other adventures.
Note the picture above is from the first movie Mark was in. He is second from the left. Third from the left is Jerry Barrett, film maker.