June 13, 2010

Mark in Austin at the Tacco Express

Ever heard of the expression "Keep Austin Wierd?" One of the places that lives up to this motto is the Tacco Express on South Congress. On Sunday at noon and some evenings, there is live music. Today's music was a gospel and blues group. Some people dress up in things like tutus feather boas and dance. That includes men as well as women. Sometimes people show up dressed to the nines while most go casual or off beat. If you go, you will fit right in.

Mark has been busy since getting to Austin. He has been to the Veteran's Hosp. in Houston twice and has to go again. He has cooked brisket in the smoker, brought the swimming pool back to blue from an ugly algae green, been working on healthy living from eating healthy to exercise and has cared for the yard. Another trip to the VA for an MRI is scheduled for next week. You might want to pray (or send good energy Mark's way) that his test results are good.

Life in Thailand
Soon I will put something more on this blog about life in Thailand.