February 26, 2012

Mark Celebrates 7 Years since Prognosis of 3 Months, or less, to Live
In 2005 when diagnosed with esophageal cancer with metastasis to the liver, Mark was just 44 years old. He was a little over three months from his 45th birthday and we were pretty sure, from what the doctors told us, that he wouldn't see his 45th birthday. Mark is now 51 with that 52nd birthday coming up in April. Like so many people who celebrate surviving a diagnosis or an accident, Mark celebrated 7 years of survivor ship to a greater extent that he normally celebrates his birthday although that can be a big adventure too.

Mark is recently back from a ski trip with his long time friend and former co-worker Alan. They celebrated his anniversary of diagnosis and 3 month prognosis. Mark and Alan rented a car in Reno and traveled through 4 States skiing at 6 ski resorts. They were in California, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming. They enjoyed the slopes in Tahoe, Jackson Hole, Squaw Valley and other places. Mark doesn't keep this pace up all the time. He paces himself and has days of rest between adventures.

Since coming back from skiing, Mark has been making his appointments at the VA in Houston and sticking to smaller adventures such as a trip to the boardwalk at Kemah, Texas.

A word of advice from Mark: "Have as many adventures and all the fun you can and do as many nice things for others and the environment as you can." You never know how long you really have so make the most of it.