April 28, 2012

Mark's Eighth Birthday Since Given Three Months to Live

To celebrate Mark's birthday this year we joined our friends and co-workers from Austin Family News magazine at the Dell Diamond to party on the private patio and watch baseball. The owners of Austin Family provided a chocolate birthday cake for Mark as well as hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, cookies and adult and children's beverages.. We did a second celebration after volunteering at MEDICO (Medical, Eye, Dental International Care Organization a day or two later. We packaged pills for upcoming MEDICO trips to Honduras and Nicaragua. We swapped stories with other volunteers telling about drinking river water purified with a few drops of chlorine solution and traveling into the Moskito Coast in WWII army planes and going scuba diving on Roatan after MEDICO trips. After volunteering we headed to Steiner Ranch Steakhouse which sits up on a hill overlooking Lake Travis. We celebrated Mark's birthday again outside on the patio. Mark only lets us celebrate his birthday for about a week. I celebrate mine for a month.