November 24, 2010

Mark is in the VA Hospital in Temple Texas
The guys from Reno, Alan and Mike, were here and great fun was had by all especially at the football game which UT won on a beautiful sunny day. Mike went back on Sunday and Alan on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. On Tuesday before Alan left, Mark was up at 3 am complaining of excruciating elbow and arm pain. When the local VA clinic opened James and Alan took Mark there. Mark ended up going by ambulance to the VA in Temple. He had x-rays, labs, fluid taken off elbow and now bets are being taken over whether it is an infection or gout. Mark will miss turkey day at home. The docs have disappeared for the holidays and there is apparently no one to discharge him or give him a pass home. What a turn of events! Oh well, this too shall pass and we'll go on to the next adventure.

November 13, 2010

Mark Will Be in Austin Soon and And So Will His Buddies Allen and Mike

Mark's friends and former coworkers Alan and Mike are coming from Reno for a visit this week and Mark is coming from Thailand to get ready for his kidney surgery in December. The guys have tickets to the University of Texas football game on Nov. 20th. Barry who sold us some of his family's season tickets has invited the guys to a tailgate party. This is exciting like getting extra icing on your piece of cake. Barry let me know that someone has been making a documentary of their tailgate party and they have a lot of footage already, but wouldn't it be fun if Mark and the guys could get in the film scarfing down some ribs or chicken or something? Mark gets his energy to fight cancer from doing fun stuff and being with fun people. Having something to look forward to and then enjoying is always good medicine.