November 22, 2008

Mark Has Five Whirlwind Days After Resting a Week To Get Ready.
Mark seemed a little down and not his usual positive funny self, so James and I got him a ticket to go to Reno to meet up with his former co-worker Allan and Allan's friend Mike.

The guys managed to get in some skiing on Mt Rose in Tahoe. They went Scuba Diving in California, watched a Football Game, and ate seafood at the Atlantis Hotel in Reno.

Mark came home in a great mood; all psyched up. Right now he is resting up by reading a lot so he can be ready to go to Thailand soon.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I know Mark is thankful to have good friends like Alan, Mike, and others who are too many to name here. Everyone reading the blog is a friend to Mark.

Addendum December 5th 2008. Mark leaves for Thailand on Tuesday the 9th. Our friends Barry Nowland and Pinetop Perkins the 95 year old Blues piano player are headed to Washington DC. and will go in a limo in tuxes to the White House this weekend. Pinetop is nominated for another Grammy. We know Barry doesn't have the big head yet cause he dropped by with a hamburger for mom at work and went out with Mark and friend Frank on Thursday night. See earlier blogs for pictures of Pinetop.

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November 09, 2008

Trip to Antones Blues Club - Mark and I went to the Blues Club and had a table center front. Rotary friends went also (Dr. Clift Price and wife Sue, Sandra Jones, Paul and Lucy). Pinetop Perkins (winner of two Grammys this year and 95 years old) played keyboard with his friend Willie Big Eye Smith on harmonica. It was quite a show. We did the early show and were home in bed about 10 pm.

The Christmas season has begun. Two Christmas parties last Sunday. Austin Family Magazine Christmas card shoot and right after that we went to a cast Christmas party and shoot for the

movie Mark is in called Ten Little Santas. I am seriously thinking about putting our Christmas tree up.

Picture above and left - Mark top left, Frank Seccuro top middle, Jerry Barrett top right (click on any picture to enlarge it).

We squeeze trips to the VA around our shoots and parties. Mark had a headache at the base of his skull for three days so he took a trip to the local VA clinic. They sent him immediately to the VA in Temple Texas to get a cat scan of his brain. The next day Mark decided the pain had gone into his ear. He had an appointment to get an admission history the next day at our local VA and mentioned his ear. It turned out that his pain is probably due to an ear infection so he is on antibiotics. Two appointments coming up in Houston at the VA; a urology appointment on the 10th and an oncology appointment on the 21st.