January 12, 2011

Another Friend of Mark's Died this week
Ron Cruzan (1960-2011)
Mark met Ron in junior high. They were friends through high school and after. Mark and I visited with Ron and his mother a couple of years ago when it was high school reunion time for Mark and Ron. The guys hung out for a few days, and in the past month they have talked on e-mail and on the phone. Ron will be missed and remembered always.

Ron cooked in a number of restaurants in his hometown over the years. I think he enjoyed cooking. Mark loves to cook. Every day he cooks something that is amazingly good. Even when Mark was his sickest during early chemo and radiation days, he would cook when his nausea and vomiting subsided a little. He'd send me off to various stores in Bangkok to get the ingredients and he would fix something that appealed to him. I've been thinking of doing a cooking blog for Mark and perhaps calling it "What's Mark cooking today?"