December 31, 2011

Early Christmas in St Georges' Caye, Belize
Mark, his mom and step-father went to Belize from December 10-17. We flew into Belize City and went by boat to the St. George's Caye Resort. Our cabanas were over the water so water lapped underneath and lulled us to sleep. Every morning very early we found our choices of coffee or tea and juice placed on a table outside the door. What a treat.

While at the resort Mark went snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and fishing. Richard, our guide for fishing took us up and down the river waterways near Belize City. We were sometimes casting near the shores and sometimes trolling. There was a pot of money for the person who caught the biggest fish and that was Mom although Mark caught some very nice fish that were much better for eating. Of course the biggest ones got away. Mark also caught some fish off the docks with just a line and hook. The fish were specially prepared by the resort chef and his staff for the guests.

Mark spent time reading on the beach and on the docks. He continues to be an avid reader which takes his mind off cancer for awhile. He is approaching 7 years since his diagnosis of stage IV cancer with a prognosis of 3 months or less. Every day is a gift. There is that thought creeping into the consciousness now and then of "what if cancer lurks within and pops up again?" We have to put that thought aside and live life to the fullest. Great adventures like going to Belize are part of that plan to cram into life all we can.