February 10, 2009

Mark saw Dr. Theera Umsawadee at Bumrumgrad Hospital in Bangkok, We were in Bangkok yesterday and today. We took the 2 hour bus ride from Pattaya to Ekami Bus Station in Bangkok for about 3 dollars each then a 3 dollar taxi to our hotel and a 50 cent taxi to the hospital. This was the economy trip to Bangkok. Dr. Theera had ordered an x-ray of Mark's hips since he had complained of hip pain and Mark got the x-ray before seeing the doctor. A suspicious lesion in the sacral area warranted a Cat scan this am which we thought would be 700 dollars but ended up about 3 or 4 hundred dollars (11,000 baht). Mark is actually having joint pain in many joints. It may just be mild osteoarthritis but Dr. T. is like a cat ready to pounce on any possible cancer. He feels certain Mark will have cancer crop up somewhere eventually.Wouldn't it be wonderful if this did not happen. Dr. T. is very happy with Mark's overall health at present and pleased with the chemo regimen he prescribed for Mark when he first went to Bumrungrad for treatment. We are happy with it too since Mark is enjoying what has been labled as remission. We still recall times on chemo with the vomiting in plastic bags in taxis, complete loss of appetite, the weight loss, the dizzyness, feeling faint, the neuropathies, low blood counts, low BP, the loss of some hearing and lots of other side effects which we tend to
blame on chemo but Mark seems to think it was all worth it. Dr. Theera was so careful with Mark, monitoring him very closely during chemo, hospitalizing him for some of the chemo runs and 24 hour urines to monitor kidney function. Notice all the papers and journals surrounding Dr. T. He reads everything he can about cancer research.
Peking Duck We ate an assortment of appetizers and Peking Duck in a Chinese Restaurant in the hotel last night and stuffed ourselves. We took the bus back to Pattaya Jomtien Beach today. Tomorrow is my last day in Thailand. I am sad to leave Mark, the beach, the sea, and the seafood.
Friday Feb. 13 I am back in Austin and Mark is still in Thailand.
Friday Feb. 20 Probably should do a new blog instead of a post script on this one but not much news. Mark has moved to a new place that he loves. It has a pool which he is enjoying. Unlike the guest house, he is now doing his own cleaning and reports he has made many trips to the store for cleaning and housekeeping supplies. He is still close to the beach. I think he is still visiting the Jomtien Pattaya Rotary Club with a plan of joining the club.
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