October 18, 2015

Mark Richardson is alive and visiting Alaska

Mark Richardson is alive and in Alaska getting some VA medical help

In January 2016 Mark will be 11 years out from a diagnosis of stage IV cancer (adenocarcinoma of esophagus with mets to liver). His prognosis of 3 months to live (or less) long outlived. He endured many months of traditional chemo without a port so being needle stuck many many times and lots of radiation. About 5 years ago he had a kidney tumor removed and it was not connected to his original cancer. He has peripheral neuropathy, frequent episodes of electrolytes off balance. His energy is low but he is alive and still has a fine tuned sense of humor which he springs on us frequently.

At the present time Mark and mom are in Alaska visiting Marks best friend Alan who works and lives in Alaska. We have celebrated Al's birthday in grand style camping out and cooking over the camp fire with friends and telling all the old stories.  The mountains and waters here are magnificent. We've seen the Mendenhall Glacier and it is quite a sight.

Mark is recovering from falling down the escalator in the airport and from injuries to his brain from being mugged and robbed in Thailand. He's been in the ER here in Juneau twice for medication reactions but we think his meds are ok now. We fly out today for 2 more days of fishing in Peterson, Alaska. Maybe we will catch some big ones.

In 2 weeks Mark will be back in Thailand looking forward to his next adventure.