August 04, 2010

On August 2nd Mark went to the VA to Schedule Surgery for Renal Tumor

Mark and I made a mad dash for Houston on Monday for a 3:30 appointment regarding his upcoming surgery for a renal tumor. About 4 pm he saw the most knowledgeable lady doctor who showed us the MRI and the tumor. Mark will probably have three incisions which is lots better than the large incision we thought he was going to have. Mark is hoping to schedule the surgery for a little over a week before Christmas. The plan is a couple of days in the hospital and then home for about a six week recovery. This may be renal cell cancer separate from his adenocarcinoma or it may be metastasis from the adenocarcinoma of the esophagus or it could be benign. We will know when the tumor is examined after surgery.
As you may have guessed we got away from the VA in time to play with the rush hour traffic in Houston before exiting the city for Austin.
We wonder how many people have experienced two different kinds of cancer. If you had two different kinds, please post a note.