October 27, 2012

                                Enjoying Life In a Time of Uncertainty: Catching the Big One 

Even though life is uncertain with having battled hard and long against stage IV cancer and a second unrelated cancer of the kidney and not being sure if cancer will come back for another siege, Mark manages to enjoy his life.  His friend and former co-worker Alan visited Mark in Thailand last week. There was scuba diving in the waters off Pattaya and there was fishing by Alan, Mark, and Mark's friend Ann. The big one was caught and released. Alan is back in Reno probably working, watching football, or skiing  When I talked to Mark yesterday. he was cooking something Thai and preparing a series of Thai food recipes complete with pictures. To those of you battling cancer or those caring for someone with cancer, take a few deep breaths and relax as much as you can, savor the moment free of worry. Worry-free moments fortify us to do what we have to do to win out over cancer and other challenges in life.