October 28, 2011

Mark is Still in Thailand and Helping Jerry Make Another Movie
Our friend Jerry did some filming for "Fembots" his new movie around Austin and Mark's mom had a small role which was filmed down on South Congress. Now Jerry is filming in Thailand and Mark has a role. It's a small world isn't it. It's the rainy season and it rains about every day sometime during the day.Some areas of Bangkok have been flooded and the airport was closed a few days. When Mark was going to Bumrumgrad Hospital for treatment, some days our taxi would turn off Sukumvit (street) onto the narrow street to the hospital and the street would be flooded. A boat would have been more in order for getting down the street.
Mark will be back soon for a CAT scan (maybe a Pet scan) and consults with his oncologist and the kidney doc. Cross your fingers and also pray for a good report for Mark.